Important Registration Information

Posted: January 28, 2015 in announcement, conference
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You can now register for the Sideways in Time conference at the following website:
Tickets will be on sale until the week prior to the conference, so please be sure that you – and anyone who you know that is attending – purchases a ticket, as we will not be collecting registration money at the conference.
As well as food and refreshments on both day of the conference, the ticket also gets you into the pre-conference event at Waterstones on Sunday, March 29th. We are holding meet-and-greet and book-signing with 2 of our keynotes: Stephen Baxter and Adam Roberts. You can access details through the Facebook “Sideways in Time” page or contact us for more details. Note that this event costs £3 for the general public, but is free with the cost of conference registration.
We hope to have the conference schedule released soon, just as soon as we confirm the final few partcipants. Stay tuned for more details!
  1. A query for the Ansible event listing: if no registration money is being accepted at the event, do members of the general public need to pay in advance? The Eventbrite registration address currently shows a discouraging Microsoft Outlook Web App screen that requires a username and password.


    • Yes, you need to register in advance. If you copy/paste the link into a browser, it should work fine (for whatever reason, the link itself is tagged with the wrong url; this should be corrected if the url is entered directly into the browser as text.)


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